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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Building of the Schaffer Dam 1907-1909


One of the most interesting events in Penrose history was the building and subsequent failure of Schaeffer Dam in the early 1900’s. I recently came into temporary possession of the monthly reports of the dam construction, from 1907 to 1909. For weeks I copied each page, including abundant photos, reduced the numerous maps and blueprints, designed cover sheets and title pages, then had each year bound into a single volume. These reports make fascinating reading of what was then a massive and incredible project

The Shaeffer Dam was originally called the Beaver Creek Dam and Reservoir. It was planned and implemented in 1907 by the Beaver Land and Irrigation Company which was formed by a group of investors from Colorado Springs, including Spencer Penrose. The Beaver Land and Irrigation Company also had plans to develop a 10,000 acre town site in conjunction with the dam and reservoir.

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