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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Kirkwood Memorial Presbyterian Church


In the early 1900’s, people had to travel to Florence or Canon City to attend church services. In 1908, Mr. Ben Taylor met with other citizens of Penrose to establish a church. Construction of the church began in October 1908 and it was almost finished in December 1909, when the whole building was mostly destroyed by a storm.
This was very disheartening to the congregation because they had little money and the winter weather was quite cold. By May 1909, the little church was completed and on 30 May 1909, the Kirkwood Memorial Presbyterian Church was dedicated. It was completely paid for and had 17 members.
It was named in memory of Rev. Thomas C. Kirkwood DD of Colorado Springs, who helped with building and financing the new church.
There were other church services by various religions, but this was the first church building in Penrose. In 1937-38, an addition was built to the original building.

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